Weekend escape in Santa Teresa

Here are a couple of photos for everyone from my lovely surf weekend away in my favourite spot of Santa Teresa. I spent the first four days of this week training hard with my trainer in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, concentrating on contest surfing and practising heats. When Friday hit and I checked the surf report, I couldn’t resist but to jump on the ferry and get over to surf my favourite waves in Santa Teresa. A five foot swell at 20 seconds translates into perfection on this beach break. My friend Nancy and I packed up our board bags and jumped on the 2.30pm bus from Jaco to Puntarenas. From there we took the 5pm sunset ferry across the Peninsula which takes just over an hour, and it’s a beautiful journey. When we got to the other side, the bus was completely full and they couldn’t fit us on with our boards and the taxis wanted $70, so we managed to hitch hike the last 2 hour stretch in the back of a pick up truck, arriving at our destination by 8.30; just in time for dinner and beers!

The weekend brought us AMAZING waves, I mean really amazing. The beach break held the size perfectly, and we were blessed with no wind all of Saturday, which meant perfect glassy waves all day. We couldn’t have surfed more if we tried! Sunday brought similar conditions, and we enjoyed hanging out with all our girlfriends, eating pizza, drinking smoothies and surfing all the way through till dark. We cheekily stayed an extra night on Sunday so we could get another surf in Monday morning, and then managed to get ourselves a ride in the back of a van all the way back to Jaco on Monday afternoon – SCORE!

I’m so so stoked after the weekend and I feel like I learnt so much having had the chance to surf these long open waves. I’m really looking forward to training this week and can’t wait to get in back in the water in Hermosa! x

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