Getting our WaveShape on

Quote Adam Rosante: “It never gets any easier, you just get stronger.” Well I guess you got that right. I’m still feeling the burn of the WaveShape workout from Spain, but my rep counts are getting higher and my agility jumps bouncier haha. Less than one month now until our online bootcamp begins. If you want to get surf fit for the summer join me and the Calavera girls for the month of June at http://www.getinwaveshape.com/ Yeeewwwwwww!
Agility jump WAVESHAPE

Agility jump 2 WAVESHAPE

Duck dive WaveShape


Stability lift WaveShape

Tap dogs WaveShape

Superman passback WaveShape




Todays message is just more coimarfmtion for me. I’ve been in various different bible studies now,since 2001, & I’ve been saving all these notes over the years. I don’t have them all organized yet but what an encouragement for me. A whole lot of the ladies in my neighborhood work & so timing & availability has always been an issue. BUT I know His timing is perfect & if it’s HIS will, it will all come together. Thanks again & looking forward to the next session.

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