Feel happier everyday. What’s your happiness?

Having a passion is one of the things that makes life worth living. Feeling satisfied, mentally engaged, physically stimulated, and feeling invigorated are just some of the positive sensations that come when indulging in our passion. Actually, “indulging” probably isn’t the right word to use, because your passion is not and should never be an indulgence. Your passion is something vital to your well being and your happiness, and it’s so important to dedicate some of your time and part of your life to it, guilt free. So how do you find your passion? What are you exactly looking for? Well, for me my passion is surfing (obviously ). When I surf and when I am in the ocean, I don’t think about anything else. The rest of my world outside of the water fades away, and I am fully engaged in what I am doing. In short, nothing else really matters. I can sit in the ocean for hours and not even realise how much time is passing. I forget about everything that may be troubling me in my mind; stress at work, a full inbox of emails I need to get back to, an argument with a loved one, troubles with an ex-boyfriend, a current boyfriend haha, and even myself. My passion of surfing gives me time to release myself of these thoughts and negative energy, and therefore helps me relieve stress and increase happiness. Your passion needs to be something that engages you fully, so you concentrate to the point of clearing your consciousness completely of the things that trouble you. If you have already found your passion, it’s really important to dedicate some “me” time from your busy week and schedule to enjoy your hobby, fulfilling its potential. If you haven’t found that all engaging something that makes you feel invigorated and free, explore the options and be open minded with everything that you try. I think it’s really important that you look for something that isn’t through a passive engagement like watching your favourite TV show, flicking through the latest gossip mag, and facebook definitely doesn’t count! Haha. Choose an activity that engages and challenges you, so you can always strive to improve and gain results. Of course I am going to go ahead and put surfing at the top of the list of things to try haha, but I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea or even a possibility, and there’s plenty of other activities to explore. Try picking up a cook book and rustling up something fancy, or go ahead and plant your own little garden (I hear this is very therapeutic!). Maybe get creative and take a drawing or art class, try photography, explore writing, or engage in something more physical like cycling, swimming, stand up paddle boarding or some fabulous dancing. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, because this is only for you :-)

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You have got it right now. No one knows it all and pretending that you do can baifkcre. You will not achieve the coolness you desire, just the opposite really. It takes confidence to say, I don’t know. Those who think that they know everything miss out on valuable learning experiences. Every time that we do not know something, an opportunity to learn is presented, this I know. So here is to not knowing. Great post.

March 4, 2016 (13:00) - Reply

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