I am a British surfer girl who has been living in Costa Rica for the last five years. During that time I have been avidly training in surfing, learnt to speak fluent Spanish, and set up my first business running surf tours throughout Costa Rica (‘Ricasurf’ – see www.ricasurf.com). I am hugely energetic and completely devoted to my sport; I surf train four days a week with my trainer in CR, plus daily workouts in the gym, boxing or cycling. I love surfing more than anything! From an early age I have enjoyed travelling; this passion and surfing brought me to Costa Rica by myself at the age of 18. My travelling experiences have taken me to so many different cultures, and this is what has given me the fearless free spirit that I embrace today.
For the past 12 months I have been competing in the Costa Rican circuit and the Latin Pro Surf Tour; I am currently ranked number 4 in Costa Rica. I am really stoked to be part of the growing youth surf culture out there. This year I also came back to the UK to do the UK Pro Surf Tour to try and secure a decent ranked position and heighten my profile within the UK and Europe. I was 2nd in the Nike Night Surf in Fistral in early October, I achieved 1st place in the Relentless contest up in Thurso, and after the final contest of the year I am now the UK's number 1 female surfer. I am super stoked with the result! :-)
My interests other than surfing include fashion and design, art, photography and filmmaking. I am constantly providing new material to update my social media pages on a daily basis and writing on my blog about things that influence me, surf training, contest updates, gym workouts, travel tips and anything that relates to a surfer girl life really! I love to try and promote positive living, a healthy lifestyle, and encourages people to pursue their passions. In fashion and design, I have been involved with the creation of my own bikini for the Calavera line, the “Evie”. I love design, and as a great follower of fashion I have a passionate understanding of the surf clothing industry.
Public figures have the opportunity to inspire people and to give something back. I aim to do both. I am an Ambassador at De-carbonated Sports, whose mission is to make the extreme sports industry as environmentally sensitive as possible. In Costa Rica we have a project with a local orphanage to provide beach days out and surf lessons to the underprivileged children. We also help to transport local kids to the Costa Rican Circuit Competitions using our Rica Surf tour van.
Calavera Swimwear – a California based company that makes bikinis specifically for surfer girls. I love the product and being able to help promote a brand that I really believe in, as well as be involved in the design aspects and testing of the suits. A3 Energy, a Costa Rican energy drink. Family and friends. Without the support and encouragement from my family and friends I would never have got to where I am. I have them to thank for everything!
My next goal is to get onto the World Tour and to get to five of the Women’s Star Series events in 2013. I appreciate it is hugely competitive and the standard is incredibly high, but I want this more than anything. I’m extremely hard working, I love a challenge, and I am very competitive. It would mean everything to me to make a career out of this.