7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica 05/09/2012

Today Costa Rica was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, one of the strongest earthquakes to hit in over 50 years. We are incredibly fortunate that the initial death tolls are low, but we can’t turn an eye on the damage that it has done to parts of the country and peoples lives. The earthquake hit around 8.30am this morning, and within one hour we had received news via text message and been issued a tsunami warning. At the time of the earthquake I was surfing, and when it hit the sea made a strange judder and pulsated for about eight seconds. It was a really weird sensation. We all looked around at each other in the line up in confusion about what had just happened. People on the beach began to wave their friends in. I instantly knew what had happened and got out of the water immediately. By the time I got home it was all over the news, and tsunami warnings had been issued. However, once I found out that the epicentre was in fact here in Costa Rica in Samara, I knew the likeliness of a tsunami hitting was dramatically decreased, and a couple of hours later the tsunami warning was lifted. We were all seriously lucky here today, and things like this just remind you that the earth is an incredibly powerful thing. We should never take anything for granted or underestimate the power of mother nature, because in one split second everything can be taken away. I want to thank everyone who has been in touch over the last few hours with messages and kind comments, it really means a lot. Finally I want to send out big love and support to all of our family and friends affected around Costa Rica, probably the strongest country in the world!



Bring the following:Gum or hard candy that you relaly like.A relaly good book or magazine (maybe something on childcare since you’re going to be a nanny)Ear plugs for flying (my ears hurt so bad even with gum)a pillow.Dramamine or air sickness meds (plus they may you sleepy and calm)Remember that in reality flying is so much safer than driving anywhere.I took my first airplane ride at 18 and I was totally scared, but once you are in the air you feel like you are in a bus. It kinda shakes like a bus plus your crowded. Now I can even look out the window during landing and I’m scared of everything.You’ll be a pro by the end of the summer

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