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About Me

I am a British surfer girl who has been living in Costa Rica for the last five years. During that time I have been avidly training in surfing, learnt to speak fluent Spanish, and set up my first business running surf tours throughout Costa Rica (‘Ricasurf’ – see www.ricasurf.com). I am hugely energetic and completely devoted to my sport; I surf train four days a week with my trainer in CR, plus daily workouts in the gym, boxing or cycling. I love surfing more than anything! From an early age I have enjoyed travelling; this passion and surfing brought me to Costa Rica by myself at the age of 18. My travelling experiences have taken me to so many different cultures, and this is what has given me the fearless free spirit that I embrace today.

The Calavera one piece. Surfing made easy

Thank you Calavera for this beautiful one piece to satisfy all of my surfing needs. No having to pull up bikini bottoms after duck dives, no accidental nipple […]

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22 Things Happy People Do Differently

Photo: Noakes Media. Wijaya Beach, Sri Lanka I saw this article on my friends Facebook wall this morning, and instantly loved it. It’s a really great read with […]

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Full WaveShape article in the New York Metro

So today when I woke up I was super excited to be greeted by an email in my inbox saying that The New York Metro has published an […]

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 I have a new favourite drink, became a groupie of my new favourite band, and best of all got to spend two days with this mega babe. Thankyou so much sis @rosiejohnstone. London has been a treat ✌️@jackdaniels_uk @brokenwittrebelsofficial #honeysessions #tennesseetouchdown #whoknew
 Up In The Air
 Molly, Chase and Surge. These three making my heart melt today on our lovely beach stroll @r_wtk
 Tent Life. Summer you went too fast
 Thankyou @tomthumbnewquay that was delicious ❤️